Is a title really needed?

Do you remember that little post I made a few weeks ago? You know the one, about the new line with manga (*squeal*) covers? Yes, that's the one. Can you believe I have it up to 12 chapters already? Not completely written out, mostly outlined with pieces of story dispersed through out. It's coming along wonderfully, but I may change my mind about submitting it to Dorchester.

Right now it's branched into two books, and I'd really like to keep it that way. I know, the decision of making it two books lays (mostly) with the editor. I don't care. I've written out two alternate endings, one for a one-book proposal, and another for a two-book proposal. We'll see what happens, hum? Please, keep your fingers crossed.

Don't even ask me what I've decided to call it or the series...

I'm in the middle of two rather large web design projects. One for a motivational speaker and another for a non-profit horse rescue. One I'm being paid for, the other I'm not. Despite that, I have several projects I'd like to work on.

1. Finish my 'manga' outline
2. Finish short story 1
3. Start and finish short story 2
4. Send off short story 1
5. Start short story 3

If I'm lucky, I will be able to start all this at the start of April. Again, keep your fingers crossed.

So, what are your monthly goals for next month? Are they the same as this month? Different? Or did you drop them all together? Well, what ever you decide to do, I hope you give it your best and keep at it.

Happy Writing,
Amber Jennell


Goals are so important.
My goal for this month is not to freak out about my novel right now in the hands of an agent (yes, request for a full).
Its been there for a month thus far and I swear I don't have any nails left!
Nasty habit.

4/07/2006 5:01 PM  

Ah, the goal of a cool head. That is a very lofty aspiration. I dread the day I add it to my goal list, yet wish for it all the same. Just remember, chocolate helps sooth the spirit, and knitting needles (or other such) helps relieve the stress.

I wish you the best of luck with your agent. You must let me know what happens.


4/07/2006 6:31 PM  

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