Got an ubber-exciting package from Tokyopop in the mail the other day. 5 books to review: Scrapped Princess #1-3, Kino No Tabi #1, and Alex Unlimited, The Vosarak Code. Squee! I love being a reviewer. Getting a package like this just makes all those bad ones bearable. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good books out there and just because I don’t like a couple of them doesn’t mean they are bad. But after reading a book that I gave a 2.5 (out of 5), these just make me feel so much better. The last Tokyopop books I received (The Twelve Kingdoms #1, Life #1, and 12 Days) all received great scores (er... save for THE ONE THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED!).

I’m having a little trouble with the web design, too. I don’t know what I want it to look like! I came up with 3 designs so far. I’ve become sick at looking at the first, the second one looks too much like a blog (but I love it) and the third one seams a little... clustered. Of course, some nifty finger work and the last could work. I’ll probably use it, as it’ll fit everything better than the other ones. Now I just need to figure out a way to incorporate advertising.

Er... how’s my writing going?


No comment. Nope, none. Please don’t force it out of me... OK! OK! I’ve done nothing! -cries- Nope, not a thing (ok, 1 thing. I put the layout I came up with on my PDA. Does that even count?) I’m hoping once TGP gets all settled down I can do some more work. Boy, do I hope.

Lastly, I cut my hair! Yep, a good 13 inches. The last time I cut it was... hum.. right before the 9th grade. My grandmother brought me to the salon to get it cut for high school. That was the last time I professionally got it done. I’ve had it trimmed about once a year, but only 2 inches or so. Boy, to think I’ve waited 10 years and only cut 13 inches! It’s still below my shoulder blades, so I might just cut it again at the end of summer. I also died it, a nice temporary burgundy. I like the color, though everybody says it’s too purple. Ha, what do they know? I like it. I might do it purple next time ^_^ we’ll see.

Happy writing, happy reading, happy life!

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