Death of a Character

Some times it amazes me how easily I can come up with characters. Good characters; ones that make sense, ones that fit into the story smoothly and add texture to the plot. Such is the case of the two secondary characters for my manga-style story. They, as far as I can in vision, add depth to the plot, a comic chuckle now and again, and a little extra that just needs to be added. Personally, I love these characters. They’re great to get along with, good friends to the hero, have amazingly strong personalities and strong convictions. Unfortunately, that may be a reason I need to kill one of them off.

I know, I know, how terrible! It is terrible; the character I may kill off is a very kind, loving woman. Her death will completely change the other character’s personality forever. So, if her death is going to make such a terrible impact, why do it? For that reason alone. Her death will give my story a much-needed tern. The bad guy is about to win, the hero and heroine are nearing that very curtail point in the story that will either end it there (happily or not) or cause the whole thing to fall apart. A hard turning point is needed, and this is the only one that comes to mind. Trust me, I’ve thought long and hard over it. Right now, I’m thinking. Unfortunately, not even my dinner of a Monte Cristo sandwich and an ice-cold glass of Mug Rootbeer could help.

Ah, well, things could change. I like my character, and if there is any way I can save her from being killed, I’ll find it. If not… Please, no hate mail, thank you.

Happy Writing,
Amber Jennell


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