Do you remember that little post I made a few weeks ago? You know the one, about the new line with manga (*squeal*) covers? Yes, that's the one. Can you believe I have it up to 12 chapters already? Not completely written out, mostly outlined with pieces of story dispersed through out. It's coming along wonderfully, but I may change my mind about submitting it to Dorchester.

Right now it's branched into two books, and I'd really like to keep it that way. I know, the decision of making it two books lays (mostly) with the editor. I don't care. I've written out two alternate endings, one for a one-book proposal, and another for a two-book proposal. We'll see what happens, hum? Please, keep your fingers crossed.

Don't even ask me what I've decided to call it or the series...

I'm in the middle of two rather large web design projects. One for a motivational speaker and another for a non-profit horse rescue. One I'm being paid for, the other I'm not. Despite that, I have several projects I'd like to work on.

1. Finish my 'manga' outline
2. Finish short story 1
3. Start and finish short story 2
4. Send off short story 1
5. Start short story 3

If I'm lucky, I will be able to start all this at the start of April. Again, keep your fingers crossed.

So, what are your monthly goals for next month? Are they the same as this month? Different? Or did you drop them all together? Well, what ever you decide to do, I hope you give it your best and keep at it.

Happy Writing,
Amber Jennell

Death of a Character

Some times it amazes me how easily I can come up with characters. Good characters; ones that make sense, ones that fit into the story smoothly and add texture to the plot. Such is the case of the two secondary characters for my manga-style story. They, as far as I can in vision, add depth to the plot, a comic chuckle now and again, and a little extra that just needs to be added. Personally, I love these characters. They’re great to get along with, good friends to the hero, have amazingly strong personalities and strong convictions. Unfortunately, that may be a reason I need to kill one of them off.

I know, I know, how terrible! It is terrible; the character I may kill off is a very kind, loving woman. Her death will completely change the other character’s personality forever. So, if her death is going to make such a terrible impact, why do it? For that reason alone. Her death will give my story a much-needed tern. The bad guy is about to win, the hero and heroine are nearing that very curtail point in the story that will either end it there (happily or not) or cause the whole thing to fall apart. A hard turning point is needed, and this is the only one that comes to mind. Trust me, I’ve thought long and hard over it. Right now, I’m thinking. Unfortunately, not even my dinner of a Monte Cristo sandwich and an ice-cold glass of Mug Rootbeer could help.

Ah, well, things could change. I like my character, and if there is any way I can save her from being killed, I’ll find it. If not… Please, no hate mail, thank you.

Happy Writing,
Amber Jennell

A New Home?

OMG, I found a new genre! Read this:

Dorchester is launching a new romance line, line name as yet to be determined. Aimed at a young, hip audience, these books will feature 18-25 year old heroines and will be packaged with Manga-style covers. The stories will feature a heroine "stolen from her normal life into an alternate universe--a universe that challenges all she thought she knew.“ The hero will usually be in a position of some power or in the know in the new world. The stories should be told primarily from the heroine's point-of-view, and should have a strong narrative voice.

Did you read it?! Manga-style covers!! *squeal* Do you know that this makes me think of? Escaflowne, but with a HEA (happily ever after) ending. Oh, I am going to start working on this... now!! I have an idea in mind already, and it’s just waiting to pop onto paper. What do you all think? Does it sound like something you’d all be interested in? It would be like manga with out the art (omg, did I really say that?!). I’m sure the covers will be ogle-worthy. *sigh* I’m all antsy, sitting here typing. Oh, and we have thunder and lightning right now! What better atmosphere to plot out a ‘yank‘ scene? Er, on paper that is ^_^

Ok, that was rather strange. I may have lost myself a bit there. Ok, I'm fine now. Manga is put into the back of my mind and I can breath properly. My hand is a bit sore, but...

Well, it's Saturday night, and I'm ready for bed (yes, I'm that pathetic). I plan on working on my writing tomorrow since our horseshow was canceled due to rain. What a bummer.

Happy Writing all, and stay dry!
Amber Jennell

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