Can't just post nothing.

I know it's monday and I really should post something about my progress as of last week, but the muscles in my back are killing me when I type (not to mention on in my upper arm). Maybe it's from sitting at the computer too long. Probably. I've been working on 2 web pages, 2 banners, and a new blog layout and I'm pooped.

Well, I still should post some thing writerlly, so here it is. Info on publicists.

I did a search on publicists late last week wanting to know what they did, how they did it, and what makes them tick. I didn't come up with much original content, but I did find some stuff, but I did find some useful pages. I may just hop into this field my self.

Here you go, the links:

For those who are curious about the web work I've been doing, visit my web page []. I created a new banner for Enchanted Ramglings [link] and have it up on my site. View it and let me know what you think.

and as always, happy writing!


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