Wet Friday

You wont believe what I found in my closet this Friday. I can't even remember why I went in there, but I came out p***ed. Seems that my water heater has been leaking for who knows how long. Completely soaked the bottom of my closet. Nothing overly important got ruined, only a box of about 3 years worth of The Horse magazine ($24/year). Luckily my Renaissance magazines where safe.

The worst port is the mold. I hate mold. To kill it, I had to spray the floor with bleach water wich, of course, bleached the carpet. Just my luck. On top of that, I think I'm coming down with my fall cold and my favorite 'graphic novel' ;-) publisher is no more. -Sigh- My luck should get better, right?

Because of all this fun, I haven't been able to write and probably won't until the middle of next week. I neet to get that carpet up and the walls scrubed. I just hope it hasn't gotten into the walls or I'll have to move.

Hope for the best!

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