95,000 words, 67 days.

I've tried book-in-a-week. I've tried book-in-a-month. I've flunked them all. So, what about book-in-two-months? Yah, sounds a little crazy for me, but I'm going to try it. I want my book finished and sent in before my 25th birthday, so I guess I better start cracking.

The itinerary?

April 26th - June 31st = Write. It's that simple.
July 1st - August 31st = Review, critique, re-write, send out queries, review, critique, re-write.
Doing the math, I'll need to write about 1493 words a day. At 4 hours a day, that'll be 375 words an hour. I've calculated this at 100,000 words to give a little leeway.

At this moment, I'm at a little over 12,000 words. We'll see where I am next week. 22,000? Lets hope.

Happy writing,


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