Some Small Updates

Ok. Summer's here, if not officially, and work has begun in earnest. I've completed several wonderful book banners (oh, all the wonderful stories to read next month!) and am enjoying myself!

Unfortunately, the caused my writing to slip a little, as well as my posting. I missed a couple of Mondays (again) and have nothing to report -sigh- I have been sketching out a couple of synopsis thanks to the help of the wonderful Deborah Hale. Seeing the synopsis for Wizards Ward helped so much. Now all I need to do is jump on and into the story.

I've been reading Kingmaker's Sword by Ann Marston (again) and the need for more romantic conflict is lighting a fire under my @$$. The story is wonderful, but she leaves out a lot of romantic tension when I'm expecting it. Being a romantic, I feel the need to put my own story to virtual paper, romantic tension, dragons, magic and all.

Now, I'm going to make my self an ice mocha, a bagel and turkey sandwich, then sit down and start typing. My goal is a short 2.5 months way, so I better get to work!

Happy Writing,


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