Monday Update - 6-20-05

Well, its Monday again. I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend and a wonderful father's day. It's nice and sunny here in northern norther California, having rained last week. That means it's getting hotter. Yuck. From 61 F to 98F in the span of a week. Double Yuck.

Oh, well. Never mind the weather, I have my mochas and the swamp cooler, I'll be fine.

As you know, it's updating time, so if you really want to know what I've acomplished for this week, read on!

I made a map for my fantasy, to keep places and directions straight. It's wonderful how helpful maps are (plus I love making them! Have for years). I've made the map a little larger than I first planed, the other 4 stories demanding to have their own locations on the map. That's fine. The story structure will grow because of this, and I believe will also become more enjoyable.

I've also edited my first chapter to my Historical and believe it may be ready to enter into the Romance Junkies contest! I'm going to enter it this week, but I'll give my self a few more days to polish it up.

Didn't do squat on the short, though. It's a bummer, really, because it's so small (it's goal it much closer and smaller than my novel's),

I also received my share of the entries for the Golden Gateway contest. I'm judging 10 of the paranormal/fantasies. Hum... who wouldn't have guessed that? There going to keep me pretty busy, as I need to turn them in by early August.

I've also completed several more wonderful book banners. I'm thinking of starting a newsletter and including them in it. That would be a nice touch.

Well, I better get back to writing. It is a new week.
Happy Writing to you all!


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