A Plan for Summer

Greetings Readers and fellow writers,

This week, and the weeks to fallow, I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently. I’ve decided to post more regularly; weekly in fact, with updates on all my stories. I think it will help keep me on track this summer.

Also, along the side bar (<-- over that way!) I will be keeping track of all my stories’ progress in percents. When I post at the end of the week (well, let’s make it the beginning, Monday sounds great) I’ll add my progress so far. So if you see a percentage stay the same after several weeks, feel free to yell at me! I’m also going to use my Monday posts to list what I’ve written for the week. Right down there at the bottom. See? I’ve even started with posting my starting word count for this 'experiment'. I’ve limited it to only four pieces out of, well, 10? That sounds about right. It will also help me to finish a story if I lessen my workload.

I also finished two other web sets. Yay! With that done with, I’ll have more time to work on paying sets and writing. That’s always nice. I’ve also started working on my equine design page, which is turning out great. That and my stud directory (a site where people can list their breading stallions) are on the top of my to-do lust. Well, writing, too.

Speaking of writing, I should do some, shouldn’t I? But what to choose. Should I work on furthering the voyage of several home-hungry unicorns? Help a young hero save the day and slay the dragon? See what trouble my sea fairing heroine has managed to get herself into? Or, perhaps, heighten the sexual tension that is brewing between the newly married Anthony and Kathren Salford. Many choices, but all good ones.

Hapy Writing all!
Amber Jennel

-Starting Totals-
Short - 3368 / BIAY - 12506 / LUNA - 593 / Novella - 93


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