Sunshine and E-Books


Have you ever had one of those days? You know the type; it’s wonderful out side, your body is full of energy, you’ve completed all your chores, and all you need to do – want to do – is write? Yah, I thought you’d know. It’s a wonderful kind of day, isn’t it? So you sit down at your desk, open your MS, open a window to let in the nice, cool air, place your fingers on the keys and then… Nothing happens.

Monday was such a day, and Tuesday as well. I wanted to write, needed to write, but nothing wanted to come out. I sat staring at the screen for more than 2 hours, and still nothing would come out. Now I have to do double the work this weekend to get caught up. At least I was able to write up a couple of outlines for some short stories. I’ll work on one next month and the other, well, the next. It should be no problem, now. Rain is on the wind and dark clouds are blanketing the sun.


I was talking with a friend the other day. She had just published her first book with Samhain Publishing and was very excited. I was excited for her, and it got me thinking. I’ve been working on my story for LUNA books, but what about e-books? My mind started whirling, full of questions as well as pros and cons about the e-publishing world.

Since they are a growing industry, acceptance is relatively simpler than house publishing. They also accept new authors with open arms.

But e-publishing feels so fake to me. If I can’t hold my book in my hands, it doesn’t feel real. Besides that, I hate reading long novels on the computer screen; it gives me headaches. Nothing beats curling up on the couch with a cat sitting in your lap, the sun shinning through a window, a good book in your hands.

Then again, Samhain gives their writers 40% on each book sold. With an average sale price of $3.99-$4.99, that’s comes out to about $1.59-$1.99 per book. Wow. Much more than the $0.59 from each house published book.

Of course, how many people actually buy e-books? House published books are sold to millions, while e-publishing closer to the hundreds. Right? I’m not really sure, and have yet to find any information about it.

Oh, there are so many questions and things to consider. I still plan on sending my LUNA off to … well, LUNA. And if they don’t accept it, I’ll polish it and send it off to another house. But this e-book idea is still another possibility I may consider. If any of you readers have anything to add – questions, facts, or information – please feel free to add them. Hopefully I’ll have an answer or idea on what I’m going to do. Before I loose faith all together.

Happy Writing,


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