A Writing Update

Well, I know it's been a while. Life, it would seem, does not stop for anybody. After some gentle prodding from friends, I have decided to post again, and let you know how the writing its going.

For the past two months, I've been working on a Regency. It was moving nicely until i finished chapter 3 and thought "Hey! I need to add this person!" The person is a perfect addition to the story, his presence will cause the hero to fume a little, and the heroine to stall in professing her love. Ah, a little friction, a little conflict.

Also, I've started to write out the outline for my LUNA fantasy. The idea is moving nicely; adding concepts and situations. I'm even working on the character sketch; getting to know my hero, heroine, sub-hero and sub-heroine, as well as the ... ahem... villein!

I'm competing in a writer's competition next month. I've pledged to write 50k words. Youch! Since I've only been writing 400 words a day, jumping up to 1500 a day is going to be a feat. Keep you fingers crossed for me!

Happy Writing,


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