Belated Post. Again.

Wow, it's been nearly forever since I last posted. I know, I'm just terrible at posting on a regular basis. My only excuse is that I've been busy. For starters, The Gilded Pen is picking up speed! I'm utterly excited at the amount of good feedback I've been receiving so far. Makes me darn near proud (and perhaps a bit cocky). Of course the forces-that-be saw it in my best interest to knock me down a peg by messing with my hard drive. No, no, not mess with. Destroy. That's the mildest word I can come up with. The darn think is shot; wiped clean. So I'm back to the old 10 gig until the company sees to have the larger one replaced.

Other than all this trouble, life is (relatively) good. I haven't written like I've planned, but I've lost 15 pounds and I'm ubber happy about it. Besides saving me money on gas and the environment from harmful pollutants, it's good to know that those long walks to the post office and back are paying off! And what with the rainy season upon us, the opportunity to snap a couple of rain and water shots beckons.

And, oh! NaNoWriMo is just around the corner! Are you game? You know I am. I've already started preparing the office (I honestly don't know how it could get so cluttered!) and my mind for the long hours ahead of me. I'm not afraid, though. Okay, perhaps a little bit. I haven't been able to stick to my current schedule of 4k words/week, what makes me think I'll be able to handle 7k+? I can do this though. Deep breath. Yah, right.

Happy writing,


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