Daiquiris, Movies, and Manuscripts

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s Monday, 11:00 pm, I’m eating an ice cream sundae and just finished off my wine cooler (umm… Strawberry Daiquiri). I’ve been listening to rock/classic rock/alternative for the past hour and now I’m ready to write.Yah, my luck, hum? There are currently 5 teenagers in my house right now. 4 boys all under 16 and my little sister, and they want to watch a movie. Fine with me, I plan on watching Underworld as I write, if I can find it. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be watching The Importance of Being Earnest. It doesn’t matter, really. With the one I can write my vampire novel, with the other, my Victorian mystery. Ha! As if I’ll be able to write watching either! Ah, well.

There are officially (as of midnight tonight) 18 days left until July. I’ve already started planning out my query. Yes, I know. A little premature, but… well, it’s the plan and I’m trying to stick to it. I have been writing, honest. Almost a whole chapter down… Ok, a few hundred words and the outline to 3 chapters. Boy, I really need to get myself in gear.

Lastly, I have bought the domain The Gilded Pen that shall be devoted to woman’s fiction, writing, etc. I am planning on having the site open on July 1st As of right now, I am offering a free month’s advertisement with every banner bought though my web site. Sound good? I hope so. We’ll see how the grand opening goes next month.

An interesting site I’ve found in my research on Victorian living, life, and etc. See if it’ll help you in your writing. http://www.gfy.ku.dk/%7Eams/sh/victorian.html

Happy Writing All,


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