Another Monday

Well, it's Monday again and I'm posting on time. Life has been fairly dull around here. The weather is wonderful (around 77 F all last week and 73 F this week) so I've been doing some housework. Now the house looks wonderful so I should be able to write guilt-free all this week; something I really need to do since I have been remiss and written less than 300 words all month.

I plan on writing out two synopses this week, one for ADE and one for my Luna. Maybe. I'm not sure exactly which I would aim to finish first: my historical or my fantasy. I know the fantasy is currently popular, but so is the historical, especially with Pride and Prejudice coming out on video soon (I can not wait to see it!!). Well, they aren't so bad. Perhaps I'll write them both out and have my critique partner read them over and give me her ideas.

Now, since I don't have anything more to add, I'm off to write.
Happy Writing,

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