Link, Link, and Update

Found this on another author's blog and just HAD to repost it! Read Me! A very interesting article from USA Today about the romance genera. Oh, my! To think, the news is actually talking about Romance novels in a favorable light! Even if they do use the term ' bodice-ripper' at least once (my eyebrow always raises at this term). I know, I know, it is a little old, but hey, it's a very favorable article.

Also found this site of Author blogs: Author blogs of all types. Check them out! And those authors out there who may be reading this and have not listed your site, do so! What a wonderful way to get out there.

Which leads me onto 'A Dire Entanglement'. Changed main characters after a suggestion from a friend. Cecilia seamed a little... mellow for our dear captain, so I've switched her position with that of her sister (though Sophia is still our resident horsewoman and unladylike enthusiast). Cecilia will be in the second book (keep fingers crossed!). I shouldn't get my self dug too deep, or the whole thing will fall apart. I belive I'm going target Harlequin Historicals with this one, them or Avon or Ivy. We'll see how long the story grows.

Came up with the basis for another series, though. I'll definitely target Harlequin H. with theses. All three regencies (maybe). I'd go further into their descriptions, but I'll probably change allot in the planning process.

I want to get all the ideas out of my head before November. I plan on diving into NaNoWriMo with a blank slate. The last thing I need right now is getting attached to characters and planing their whole life before I even start. Besides, NaNoWriMo is suppose to be a spontaneous thing. 50,000 is allot to aim for in just one month.

Well, it's quite late here. I've writen more on this darn blog than on my story. And the week is almost over!

Happy Writing all,


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